It is our mission to link International Buyers with Quality Italian Artisan producers and assure that both have every need catered for with ease and efficiency.

Pepper-box was born from the specific need of High Quality Italian Artisan food manufacturers to promote their products within International markets and at the same time offer an individual service to International buyers in their search for quality Italian food products.

Italy is globally renowned for the richness and variety of its dishes and its Artisans' passion for food is inspiring and evident in every single product. Both tradition and uniqueness have been passed down and today’s growing demand for genuine Artisan food products satisfies International consumers’ desire for typical Italian ingredients, flavours and dishes. Using only the best ingredients and care and passion for taste and recipes guarantees the finest of Italian products.

Through an extensive list of quality Artisan producers, we offer Buyers a wide range of products from ambient, fresh and frozen. Products range from pasta, sauces, ready meals, pizza, piadina, ice creams, cakes and biscuits, machinery and much more.

Our aim is to ensure the most efficient use of time for both Italian Artisan Producers and International Buyers. Pepper-box is the gateway service for International Buyers to high quality Italian Artisan Food producers. By reducing time, filtering less interesting options and eliminating language obstacles, Buyers are introduced only to premium quality Italian Artisan producers and their products.

Whilst assisting International buyers in their search for Italian excellence, we aid Artisan producers in reaching their International goals. We assist them by indicating and identifying the correct channels to approach, search and contact international buyers, advise on marketing and promotion, translate corporate material (technical sheets, marketing legal contracts etc.) and upon request, act as the forein language interlocutor in order to bring successful business partnerships together.
Our services facilitate today's buyers in their search for a specific Italian product as well as aiding Quality Italian Artisan producers in building up an International network of clients.

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