Italian crespelle are thin pan cooked crepes renowned for being delicate in taste. They are Artisan prepared and filled with delicious creamy savory fillings offered as starters or main dishes. Left plain are ideal for filling with fresh fruits making for a light and sophisticated dessert.
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These premade frozen Italian Crespelle are either folded in “Half Moon” or in “Fagottini” little parcels forms. Thanks to their natural preservation through freezing, they maintain their nutritional values and delicate flavours.
400gr – 640gr packs

12 months

Half Moon Crespelle:
Mushroom filled
Ricotta & Spinach filled
Ham & Cheese filled
Asparagus filled
Mixed Cheeses filled
and many more...
Fagottini Crespelle:
Mushroom filled parcels
Ricotta & Spinach parcels
Chicory parcels
Asparagus parcels
and many more...

Plain Crespelle:
In various sizes
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