Our choice of producers pride themselves in producing an extensive range of high quality short, long and filled pastas. Masterpieces in their individual aspects, they are both beautiful to see and delicious to taste.
Their wide range of products include a great number of durum wheat egg pasta shapes products and mouth watering filled egg pasta recipes.
Producers are BRC & IFS Certified.
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Individually Quick Frozen (IQF): Thanks to the deep-freezing process in the “fresh frozen” range, additives and preservatives are avoided The pasta is fully cooked before quick deep-freezing. No precooking or defrosting is required. Reheating requires from 30” to 120” seconds in boiling water, microwave oven, steam oven or frying pan. Through the IQF method dehydration is minimized and the pasta’s organoleptic characteristics are maintained.
Single portion (200/250g), 500gr Retail packets, 1kg Catering packets.

12 months

Agnolotti with Parmigiano Regg.DOP,
Agnolotti with 7 cheeses,
Stelle with Artichoke filling,
Sorrisi with Basil,
Sorrisi with Asparagus filling,
Mediterranean Sorrisi,
Rustici with Porcini mushrooms,
Vele with Radicchio and Nuts,
Fagottini with Gorgonzola and Pear filling,
Agnolotti with Lobster filling,
Stelle with Sword Fish filling,
Stelle with Salmon.
Gnocchi, Gnocchi alla Romana,
Polenta Rosettes,
Lasagna sheets,
Meat Cannelloni,
Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli,
Ham Rotelle,
Ricotta & Spinach Rotelle,
Tagliatelle nests,
Spaghetti nests,
Linguine nests,
Penne, Fusilli, Trofie, Mezze Penne, Farfalle,
Maccheroni and many others.
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